APPEAL AND NEW TRIAL – PROCEDURE – QUEENSLAND – TIME FOR APPEAL – EXTENSION OF TIME – WHEN REFUSED – where the applicant seeks an extension of time within which to appeal various orders of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Appeal Tribunal – where the orders of QCATA were delivered on 26 April 2018, 6 September 2018 and 26 July 2019 respectively – where the applicant filed an application for leave to appeal in the Court of Appeal on 16 September 2019 – where the applicant failed to provide written or oral submissions for the delay or reasons for granting the extension of time – whether the proceedings have merit – whether the proceedings are an abuse of process – whether extensions of time within which to appeal should be granted

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Thompson v Body Corporate for Arila Lodge & Ors [2019] QCA 267 (13 November 2019)