Australian College of Strata Lawyers Inc. (ACSL)


The College comprises of Fellows, Members, Academic Members, Associate Members, Government Members and three Life Members.

Within our numbers are the authors of most of the leading Australian texts and research papers on this subject, as well as those practitioners who, through their body of professional work, publications and presentations, are recognised as the leading practitioners in this area of law.

Our members can offer those working in this area, including government, valuable advice and assistance.

Our members variously represent all stakeholders in the area including owners, occupiers, owners corporations/bodies corporate, community associations, managing agents, building managers, governments, consent authorities, developers and financiers. Our members chose to operate under a collegiate model because our association is not aligned with any particular industry and represents no vested economic or political interests.

The College is a self-governing association of practitioners which seeks the development of laws for the common good and to achieve the highest standard of good governance under those laws.

Our membership represents a significant resource available to government and all stakeholders in the development of strata law and areas associated with its professional interests.

Objects of the College

The principal objects of the College are to –

  • Establish and administer to the highest standards a system of specialist accreditation for lawyers skilled in the Discipline
  • Promote the highest standards of professional practice
  • Facilitate research and dissemination of research materials on all aspects of the Discipline
  • Foster a collegiate relationship among accredited specialists and other members
  • Promote public awareness and knowledge of the Discipline
  • Work in a non-political way to improve laws relevant to the Discipline
  • The College has a public interest focus and over time it is expected to build a substantial body of knowledge and skills in this important and expanding area of the law.

Strata and Community Titles Law is the law that applies to the ownership and use of land and buildings in common interest subdivisions.

These include residential, serviced apartment, office, industrial, retirement and retail premises which have been created under each state’s strata and community title legislation. They can take the form of multi level towers or horizontal subdivisions.

Members of ACSL are lawyers who assist owners, occupiers, bodies corporate, body corporate committees, managers, developers and financiers of strata and community title developments and academics who teach the law in our universities.


Tim Graham 
Bugden Allen Graham Lawyers
Level 9, 500 Collins Street, Melbourne. VIC 3000
03 8582 8100


Bede King
Tobin King Lateef
Level 10, 217 George Street, Brisbane. QLD 4000
07 3224 3000


Gary Bugden OAM
Bugden Allen Graham Lawyers
Level 13, 200 Mary Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
0418 190 658
07 3905 9261


Professor Sharon Christensen
Faculty of Law, Queensland University of Technology,
2 George Street, Brisbane. QLD 4000
07 3138 5204

Gerard Doyle
GDP Lawyers
71-73 Australia Street
Camperdown NSW 2050
02 7228 1405

Amanda Farmer
Lawyers Chambers on Riley
98 Riley Street, Darlinghurst. NSW 2010
(02) 8262 6103

Michael Kleinschmidt
Stratum Legal
Tenancy 309, Level 3 “La Balsa”
45 Brisbane Road, Mooloolaba. QLD 4557
07 5406 1282


Ros Janes
0417 622 698


Nina Psaltis
PO Box 182, Moorooka. QLD 4105
0418 150 557

The College, formerly known as the Australian College of Community Association Lawyers (ACCAL), was founded in 2006 by Gary Bugden OAM (together with some like-minded legal practitioners).

The College represents an association of the leading legal practitioners in the area of law relating to community living in the form of community title, group title or strata title schemes. In March 2018 the College changed its name to Australian College of Strata Lawyers Inc.

The College comprises of Fellows, Members, Academic Members, Associate Members, Government Members and three Life Members.

Founding Members

  • Michael Allen
  • Francesco Andreone
  • Paul Brotchie
  • Gary Bugden OAM
  • Sharon Christensen
  • Ros Janes
  • David Le Page