Building Services (Complaint Resolution and Administration) Act 2011 (WA) – Review of decision of Building Commissioner to issue building remedy order for remedial work – Corrosion of patio roof panels – Whether corrosion the result of moisture or deposits – Non-compliance with manufacturer’s installation guide – Whether regulated building service was not carried out in a proper and [2021] WASAT 108 proficient manner or is faulty or unsatisfactory – Whether decision of Building Commissioner should be confirmed, varied or set aside Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA) (post 1 May 2020) – Strata scheme (other than a single tier strata scheme) – Signage by-law – Appearance of lot by-law – Breach of by-law – Whether by-law oppressive or unreasonable – Tribunal’s discretion to make orders to enforce by-laws – Penalty for breach of by-law – Order to take specified action – Order to refrain from taking specified action to prevent further contravention of by-law – Tribunal’s discretion to make declaration under s 95(1) of the State Administrative Tribunal Act 2004 (WA) – Turns on own facts

MARSH OUTDOOR PTY LTD and SCHNURIGER [2021] WASAT 108 (17 August 2021)