FAMILY LAW Property f inal orders de facto relationship where de facto
marital asset pool ascertained where consideration of add backs relating to
legal fees and other funds where Husband s annual leave entitlements asserted
to be asset or financial resource of the Husband where Court does not find
such leave entitlements to form part of the de facto marital asset pool where
Court finds it is just and equitable to proceed with an order pursuant to section
90SF where contributions found to be equal where Court finds a 10 per cent
adjustment in favour of Wife by reason of factors under section 90SF(3).
Property where Wife asserts Husband holds a legal and
beneficial interest in real property as to 50 per cent where Husband asserts he
holds 50 per cent legal interest and 16 per cent be neficial interest in real
property where Wife asserts that presumption of advancement applies and has
not been rebutted where Husband asserts he aided his parents in purchasing
real property and that presumption of advancement has been rebutted by his
parent s intention where Court finds presumption of advance has been

Labrec & Bardow [2020] FCCA 1994 (4 August2 020)