Contract – Sterling New Life Lease scheme – Exclusive Management Authority for Residential Premises agreement – Residential Tenancy Agreement
[2021] WASC 389 Contract – Whether Residential Tenancy Agreement varied or whether an agreement entered into to enter into a new residential tenancy agreement Contract – Whether Payment Direction Deed incorporated into the terms of the Residential Tenancy Agreement
Residential Tenancies Act 1987 (WA) – Effect of s 27A and s 82 and reg 10AA(a) of the Residential Tenancies Regulations 1989 (WA) requiring prescribed form of lease in Form of Part A, Part B (standard terms) and Part C – Effect of standard term cl 3 prevails over the terms of the Payment Direction Deed
Estoppel by conduct or representation – Promissory estoppel – Not satisfied defendants entered into Sterling New Life Lease in reliance on representations made or assumptions induced for or on behalf of the plaintiffs

Hassell v Yates [2021] WASC 389 (11 November 2021)