REAL PROPERTY – STRATA AND RELATED TITLES – MANAGEMENT AND CONTROL – BODY CORPORATE: POWERS, DUTIES AND LIABILITIES – GENERALLY – where the applicant was the caretaker of a scheme – where the body corporate resolved to terminate the caretaker’s services – where the caretaker applied to a departmental Adjudicator for a declaration that the termination was void – where the Adjudicator dismissed the application – where the applicant appealed to the Appeal Tribunal – where the applicant sought interim relief to put it back in the position it was before the decision of the Adjudicator – whether there was a serious question to be decided – where the applicant failed to give the usual undertaking or any undertaking as to damages – where the balance of convenience did not favour granting the interim relief sought.

Cello Court Pty Ltd v Body Corporate for Cello Court CTS 42339 [2020] QCATA 97 (30 June 2020)