BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION – limitation period – limitation period for actions arising out of defective building work more than ten years after completion of work – limitation period originally contained in s 109ZK of Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 – section renumbered as s 6.20 – as originally enacted, s 109ZK applied only prospectively – defendant’s building work done before enactment of s 109ZK – whether limitation period applied to building work done before section enacted – whether s 6.20 replaced s 109ZK – whether limitation period applied to loss of the kind alleged by the plaintiff.
STATUTORY CONSTRUCTION – amending legislation – limitation section renumbered and reworded – transitional and savings regulations – regulations deferred commencement and qualified scope of limitation period – effect of repeal of regulation – further regulations including amended regulations preserving repealed sections and qualifying renumbered section – whether effect of legislation and amendment was a period of time during which limitation period did not apply – whether legislation displaced operation of Interpretation Act 1987 – observations on undesirability of regulations affecting operation of statute.
Bandelle Pty Ltd v Sydney Capitol Hotels Pty Ltd [2020] NSWCA 303 (25 November 2020)