LAND LAW – strata title – by-laws – construction – special by-law conferring right upon lot owner to use part of common property for parking – whether right conferred in substitution for right of lot owner to park in existing parking lot – use of extrinsic circumstances as an aid to construction – cautionary approach – special by-law construed so that right conferred is not in substitution for owner’s right to park in existing lot

LAND LAW – strata title – obligations of owners and occupiers – whether parking by lot owner in parking lot causes a nuisance to other occupiers of lots – inconvenience also caused by presence of gardens on common property – parking on lot held not to amount to a nuisance – not an unreasonable interference with the rights of other owners or occupiers of lots – Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW), s 153(1)(a)

THE OWNERS STRATA PLAN No 2245 v ALLAN VENEY – [2020] NSWSC 134 (27 February 2020)