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ACSL Scholarship Award for 2014

The Australian College of Strata Lawyers (ACSL) is a not-for-profit College with members throughout Australia and New Zealand and represents an association of the leading legal practitioners in the area of law relating to community living which is variously known as community title, group title or strata title law. The College membership comprises this country's leading community title lawyers.

The College is a self-governing association of practitioners formed to develop and foster the practice of group title law. Our membership's choice to operate under a collegiate model reflects the fact that our association is not industry based and represents no vested economic interests. Our members variously represent all strata and community association stakeholders.

The College is pleased to announce the establishment of the ACSL Scholarship for 2014. The Scholarship will contribute to the costs of undertaking postgraduate study in strata and community titles law or a related field. The scholarship is made possible with the support of ACSL Members. The College is seeking to identify students who will carry out a course of study which is relevant to the strata and community title field and will benefit those who build, invest in, live and work in these increasingly important venue developments in our society.

Details of the Scholarship are attached. The closing date is 31 January 2014.

For further information regarding the College, the website address is

Michael Allen